With WYNG, you save both time and money without compromising on quality and service.

The WYNG experience is impeccable and we ensure excellent quality and top-quality service all the way through; from the moment you request or book a private jet or a seat to the check-in at the airport, and from take-off, to arrival at your destination and transfer to your hotel. We take care of every aspect of your journey and pay close attention to detail, flight safety and passenger security.

1. Search for a private jet – easily and efficiently

Browse through more than 7,000 aircraft and decide where and when you want to fly, what type of services you would like and how many seats you need. WYNG offers flexible chartering that lets you take off and land at over 40, 000 airports worldwide.

2. Request a private jet and book or sell extra seats

You can request a private jet right away and receive an offer shortly after. As soon as you have received an offer, you can book your private jet. If, on the other hand, you are interested in our book-by-the-seat option, you can sell the seats you don´t need on your own private jet or crowdsource flights, within minutes using our instant booking facility.

3. On the day of departure

When you fly with WYNG, you will go straight to the head of the queue and avoid the hectic airport crowds. You arrive at the private jet terminal just shortly before take-off, where you will be greeted by the ground staff or pilots. You will not experience long and tedious waiting queues. You will be escorted aboard the flight and helped to settle in with anything you may need before take-off.

4. Inflight

WYNG offers you the ultimate luxury travel experience from start to finish. Once you have flown with WYNG, you will never take a commercial flight or pay over the odds for a private charter again!

5. Arrival at the destination

Arrive at your destination in style. We will arrange to have a privately-chauffeured car or rental car waiting for you outside the airport, so you arrive at your final destination in comfort.

6. After the flight

WYNG is not simply a private jet charter service. We’re committed to providing you optimal custom experiences on and beyond the jet.