Flight safety with WYNG

All WYNG flights are operated by air carriers who all employ the highest standards of training, safety and maintenance. At WYNG we work with operators who are IS-BAO, ARG/US and WYVERN safety-accredited, yet it is not a requirement. On top of that, the operators who maintain manage and own the aircrafts have been specifically selected by WYNG based on the high level of their equipment maintenance programs, their safety standards and their conservative operating protocols.

Passenger security with WYNG

All passengers flying with WYNG must show a valid and official ID when checking-in at all WYNG departure points. As flights safety also encompasses passenger security, we collect and digitally verify the names of all passengers flying with WYNG. WYNG reserves the right to decline passengers who are intoxicated, disruptive, unruly or otherwise not in a fit state to fly in the opinion of WYNG and its operators.

Consumer protection with WYNG

WYNG provides all its members the following consumer protection

WYNG will always pass on the prices received from the operators directly to its consumers, inclusive of WYNG’s booking fee.

WYNG´s booking confirmation provides contact details for the operator including the age of the aircraft and registration numbers.

WYNG will only list operators that operate under a valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and displays individual aircraft insurance certificates.

WYNG undertakes to pay the flight operator in full at least 24 hours in advance of the departure, subject to receipt of cleared funds.

The highest safety rating awarded by ARG/US International and awarded to operators who demonstrate the ability to implement the industry’s best safety practices relative to their operations and maintenance.

The prestigious Wyvern Wingman rating, developed by Wyvern Consulting firm, is awarded to aviation operators who completed challenging compliance and risk assessment practice audits within a preceding year.

Recognized globally, the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations Stage 3 is considered the world’s most prestigious safety rating. The rating thoroughly audits an operator’s flight department and effectiveness.