The Charter Flight Calculator

Instant price estimate of available aircraft from operators that can service your flight

The price estimate is before taxes, handling, landing, and passenger fees

Prices are only estimates — submit a Request for a formal Quote.

What happens when you submit a Request?

  1. We will contact you to go over your trip details 
  2. Operators will quote your flight competitively
  3. The best flight options will be presented to you
  4. Aircraft availability and final pricing will be confirmed
  5. Book online and pay with your preferred payment method   
  6. The WYNG Trip Sheet including your itinerary, contact details to Crew and Handling agents is being submitted

Factors affecting the private jet charter cost

  1. Size of aircraft
  2. Model of aircraft
  3. Amenities
  4. Flight time costs e.g. Fuel and Crew
  5. Landing Fees (Airports)
  6. Handling Fees for handling and parking the aircraft (FBO)
  7. Passenger Tax

Factors to consider when requesting a flight

  1. How much space and comfort do you require?
  2. Taller cabin heights?
  3. Wider seats?
  4. Reclining seats or beds?
  5. Which Amenities do you require? (e.g. bathroom, Wi-Fi, onboard entertainment, kitchen)
  6. Would a Fuel-Stop be acceptable (on longer flights)
  7. Your amount of luggage
  8. Special luggage such as skies and golf bags
  9. Catering preferences

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