WYNG is a Private Jet Charter Service for individuals, groups, companies and organizations. You can request, book and share Private Jets easily and efficiently on our website.

WYNG gives you 4 ways to fly:

WYNGCHARTER – is the ultimate flexibility and luxury to fly where and when you want, with whomever you want. If you don´t need the full capacity of the aircraft, you can share it with other travellers

WYNGSEATS – are you flexible in your travel plans? You can book extra seats on pre-existing flights

WYNGPOOLING – you can share flights with other travellers, to popular events worldwide, by booking seats on flights prearranged by WYNG

WYNGFIXED – WYNG is offering guaranteed fixed price Private Jet Charter Service between popular European cities, whether you are flying on holiday or travelling on business

Anywhere to anywhere. Our service lets you choose between 40,000+ destinations worldwide.

WYNG does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are operated by licensed and registered air carriers who all employ the highest standards of training, safety and maintenance.

WYNG has access to 7,000+ private jets from small propeller aircraft to large airliners. Find the most suitable aircraft for your flight, all within minutes on our website.

No, just request, book and share Private Jets on our website. You can start right away!

No, there is no membership fee, upfront costs or hidden fees to use our service.

No Membership Fee – start your journey right away

Real-Time Availability – live aircraft availability of more than 7,000 aircraft

Instant Estimates – book a private jet within minutes

Guaranteed Prices – guaranteed prices on selected routes with no hidden fees, no estimates or waiting for quotes (WYNGFIXED)

Unique Sharing Option – save costs and an excellent networking opportunity

Cash Payback – for every extra seat sold we will pass any savings on to you in cash payback

It is fast and easy to book a flight:

1) Search – decide where and when you want to fly, and how many seats you need

2) Choose – choose the aircraft for your flight

3) Request – send your request to us and we will confirm availability and final price.

4) Book – book right away when you receive an offer from us.

5) Share – fly private or share the aircraft with other travellers, the choice is yours

You can search for a WYNGCHARTER flight using the form on the WYNG website:

1) Input your route and date. Select times of travel and number of passengers. Choose between one-way, round trip and multi city.

2) Click “SEARCH”

3) Choose your aircraft category

4) Click “INQUIRE”

5) Fill in your name, email, phone and additional requirements


Quotes will be sent to you by email. You will receive a minimum of 3 quotes from which you can choose the most suitable option. Once you have chosen the most suitable option, you will receive charter reservation and payment details by email. When your payment has been received, you will be sent a confirmation email.

You can search for WYNGSEATS, WYNGPOOLING or WYNGFIXED flights on the WYNG website:

1) Go to “DEALS”

2) View available flights

3) Choose a flight and click “BOOK”

4) Input your date. Select times of travel and number of passengers


6) Book and pay with your preferred method of payment

When your payment has been received, you will be sent a confirmation email.

When your payment has been received, you will be sent a confirmation email.

Yes, we can organize ground transportation through our concierge service. You can request this by filling out the “Additional Requirements” during the booking process. Additional fees may apply.

The presence of a flight attendant is dependent on the operator and aircraft. Whilst this service is not typically included on smaller aircraft, it is often available on larger jets at no extra cost.

All aircraft are wheelchair accessible; with smaller jets the flight crew and handling agents will take care of access to the aircraft, while larger jets often have AmbuLift compatibility. Please notify us for a tailored solution to your accessibility requirements.

Firearms are permitted on most aircraft, but we do require prior notification of these beforehand. Firearms licenses must be carried along with any guns, ammunition or compressed gas. Additional permits and customs notifications may be required before departure.

Catering is provided on all flights booked through WYNG. Catering options range from basic snacks and refreshments to VIP catering and bar depending on the choice of aircraft. Additional catering can be arranged on request. Additional fees may apply.

No problem just let us know as soon as possible. Cancellation fees may apply. Please find the cancellation policy in our Charter Terms or on the Flight Invoice.

Just get in touch and we will do our best to assist you. All changes are subject to approval by the aircraft operator and aircraft availability, crew availability, airport slots, and owner approval. Additional fees may apply. Please be advised that you cannot change a WYNGSEATS or WYNGPOOLING flight.

Yes, pets can be brought on WYNGCHARTER and WYNGFIXED flights, subject to Operator approval.

You and your guests are not allowed to transport pets on any WYNGSEATS or WYNGPOOLING flights. Only Service Animals will be permitted aboard WYNGSEATS and WYNGPOOLING flights. Passenger shall notify WYNG as soon as possible, but not less than 48 hours prior to their flight departure time, if they will be bringing a Service Animal aboard a Pre-Existing Flight.

From time to time, your flight may be delayed due to weather. If your flight is cancelled or delayed, you will be notified by WYNG. In the event weather forecasts look unfavourable and our operators advise us there is a high probability of cancellations due to weather, WYNG shall endeavour to send notifications of weather delays or cancellations at least 1 hour prior to your departure. However, weather conditions change rapidly and there may be circumstances where flights are cancelled or delayed for weather reasons up until the departure time.

Passengers are allowed to transport one small carry on per person (10kg maximum), approximately the same size as a carry-on bag on a commercial airline flight, plus one bag to be stowed in the luggage compartment (25kg maximum). Golf Clubs and other oversized luggage are only permitted on flights with prior notification and approval. You can request this by filling out the “Additional Requirements” during the booking process.

For all international flights, you will be subject to customs and immigrations. You will need to provide full passport details before the flight and passports will be checked upon arrival. We will ask you about the passport details when the flight is confirmed. Passport details of all passengers travelling should be provided at the very latest 24 hours before departure.

FBO stands for “Fixed Base Operator”, a private jet terminal at an airport. A member of the flight crew will meet you at the private jet terminal of the departure airport to escort you to your aircraft.

If you prefer a specific FBO or handling agent at an airport, please let us know by filling out the “Additional Requirements” during the booking process and we will do our best to organize handling before your flight.

Your car or taxi can normally drop you off within a few metres of the aircraft or at the private jet terminal, and parking is available at most private jet terminals. Get in touch and we will do our best to assist you.

Please aim to arrive 15 minutes before your flight is due to depart for WYNGCHARTER and WYNGFIXED flights and 30 minutes before your flight for WYNGSEATS and WYNGPOOLING flights.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you are late. If you are not at the aircraft within 30 minutes after the scheduled departure time for WYNGCHARTER or WYNGFIXED flights or 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for WYNGSEATS and WYNGPOOLING flights the cancellation policy in our Charter Terms or on the Flight Invoice will apply.

Please find the cancellation policy in our Charter Terms or on the Flight Invoice. Cancellation policy varies between aircraft operators.

You can find a list of additional costs in our Charter Terms. Additional costs will be charged to the credit card on file after the flight.

You may, free of charge, change the name(s) of passengers travelling under the booking confirmation up to 24 hours prior to the departure of the first flight forming part of the Itinerary, subject always to WYNG´s right to refuse such requests on reasonable grounds.

You will receive a provisional itinerary by email for your flight as soon as your flight is confirmed. A further itinerary, including details of flight crew and airport handling agents will be sent by email at least 24 hours before departure.