WYNG is a Private Jet Charter Service for individuals and groups, and companies and organizations.

We connect private jet clients and private jet operators in the blink of an eye anytime, anywhere.
WYNG gives you the power to decide when and where you want to fly, regardless of whether you book your own flights or join an existing flight. Private Jet Charter has never been faster, easier and more efficient.


WYNG offers four charter services

Not only do we strive to make travel by private jet charter more efficient and relaxing, we also guarantee we will do everything in our power to match your personal requirements and schedules. This is our vision, and based on that, WYNG offers four different charter services, designed to fulfil different requirements. A truly global Private Jet Charter Service.

For larger groups of more than 25 people, contact our team to get a quote.



WYNGCHARTER lets you book a private jet charter for any specific route and receive both qualified guidance and the absolute best offer on the market.Book a flight »


Our WYNGSEATS programme lets you either book or sell extra seats if, for example, you have booked an 8-seater aircraft but only need 3 of the 8 seats.Book a flight »


WYNGPOOLING offers you a range of pre-scheduled flights. You can find our pre-scheduled flights under Deals.Book a flight »


WYNGFIXED is offering fixed price Private Jet Charter Service between popular European cities.Book a flight »

WYNG is the first digital booking platform in Scandinavia.
You can request, book and share flights easily and efficiently via our web-based booking system from the comfort of your smartphone, computer, tablet or laptop.



Decide where and when you want to fly, and how many seats you need.


Send your request to us and we will confirm availability and final price.


See instant prices and choose the aircraft for your flight.


Book right away when you receive an offer from us.


Fly private or share your flight with other travellers – the choice is yours.

The world of Private Jets meets the era of on demand with WYNG.
Luxury aircraft. Superior service. Highly professional crew. And journeys tailored to your tastes.
Digital. Paperless. Hassle free.

"In March 2020, we had to evacuate Zanzibar Højskolen as Tanzanian authorities closed all schools due to COVID-19 risk mitigation. With short notice WYNG managed to identify available planes, enabling us to evacuate 71 students and teachers less than 48 hours after the initial contact to WYNG. Everything went fast and smooth and we were very satisfied with the cooperation."
Lars Kornbech, non-execute board member Global Højskole ApS.